Stay-at-Home Tea

You are cordially invited to a Stay-at-Home Tea

Make yourself a nice cup of tea… kick off your shoes… and curl up with a good book – your checkbook!

During this relaxing break in your day, please help women and girls by supporting the important programs of AAUW Funds.

Please respond by October 31, 2015 – You may respond by:

If you want your donation for a particular fund, please put the fund number from the list below on the bottom of the check.   Otherwise your donation will be sent to the general AAUW Fund #9110.

Educational Opportunities Fund # 4336                  Eleanor Roosevelt Fund # 9170

Legal Advocacy Fund # 3999                                     Public Policy Fund #4337

Leadership Programs Fund #4339                           AAUW Action Fund #2011

Website donation

  1. Visit the website .  Click on the link Search for a specific program, another page opens with fund options
  2. Under the statement, “I want to make a tax-deductible donation to AAUW of:” fill in each box with the dollar amount you choose to donate, whether an unrestricted gift to go wherever there is the greatest need or a designated fund. These amounts will be totaled in a grey field, “Total Gift.”
  3. Your Impact: Choose if it is in honor/memory of someone and the frequency of your donation.
  4. Fill out all required donor and payment information, following on-screen instructions.

Branch members’ electronic giving is automatically credited to their primary branch and requires no other extra action for it to take place. Any contribution you give, to any program area, will be credited to the Benicia-Vallejo branch.

Refer to the AAUW website, for details on AAUW Funds tax-deductible status.

Thanks for your support to AAUW for the advancement of women. Cheers! And enjoy sipping on that tea.